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Weller Professional Tools

Weller transforms hand soldering. The art of hand soldering has been around for a very, very long time, thousands of years in fact. But it was only until 1941 that a transformer-based instant heating soldering method was developed by an impatient American radio repairman who was tired of sitting around waiting for his soldering gun to heat up. Carl E. Weller had to wait until after WWII ended in 1945 to get his Weller Manufacturing Company going. In 1960, the Weller Manufacturing Co. in the US patented the ''Magnastat'' soldering iron which used a magnetic component to regulate the temperature at the iron's tip. In an expansion overseas beginning in 1959, the Weller Elektro-Werkzeuge GmbH plant in Besigheim, Germany, along with new plants in other countries, was organized to manufacture temperature-controlled irons and soldering guns for primarily industrial markets throughout Europe and the Near East. Keeping pace with the increasing complexity of our customers' needs, Weller Germany became the market leader for developing and manufacturing hand-soldering products worldwide. Our products were proudly emblazoned with ''Made in Germany'', signifying innovation and reliability.

Weller Solid Stations
Weller Solid Stations: Professionalism makes no compromises: Soldering technology that is packed with precision, innovation and quality. For a decisive advantage when it comes to your productivity.
Weller Soldering Irons and Safety Rest
Weller Soldering Irons and Safety Rests are perfectly matched to guarantee optimum performance of the tools. The safe option for putting down the soldering iron protects against damage and increases the service life of the tools.
Weller Preheating Plates
Weller Preheating plates are used to preheat circuit boards under repair to reduce the possibility of thermal damage and to reduce the heat requirement of the soldering tool for speeding up the repair process.
Weller Soldering Bathes
Rework preparation tool e.g. for tin coating of wire ends and cleaning of leads and wires from excess and dirt. All soldering baths are suitable for lead free solder.
Weller Circuit Board Holder
The circuit board holder ensures that the hot air pencil is vertical to the printed circuit board under repair and the pivoting stand allows the hot-air pencil to be raised and lowered precisely onto the component being reworked.
Weller Dispensers
Weller dispensers have a shot time duration adjustable from 0.01 to 99.99 seconds and a vacuum feature that prevents dripping. The dispensers feature an electrically actuated foot pedal and one channel without time controlled air.
Weller Filtration Tools
Weller Fume Extraction. Weller is on hand to help with two extraction solutions that recirculate the purified air: Volume extraction and soldering tip extraction.
Additional Weller Products
Additional Weller Products
Erem Products
Erem Products
Xcelite Products
Xcelite Products

Weller continues to explore new product global frontiers, expanding its reach to automation and connectivity, while giving old favorites fresh new looks with enhanced functionality. Ever in close dialogue with our customers, we've now segmented our Professional products into Performance, Technology, and Efficiency lines, to provide optimal solutions for every customer level. Keeping the user's health and workflow top-of-mind, we've integrated filtration, ergonomics, traceability and connectivity with Weller's signature soldering precision and efficiency.

The digital transformation is in full swing. Mobile and cloud computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning are greatly impacting our work environment in exciting new ways. As is our custom, we at Weller are confidently and constantly moving forward with new ideas to anticipate.