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Weller Circuit Board Holder

Weller provides efficient coverage for the entire reworking process with its repair and rework systems: Desoldering, pad cleaning, positioning and soldering in. Thanks to stateof-the-art camera technology, even small components can be manually positioned and repairedwith the greatest precision and absolute reliability along with optimum process control. WBHS circuit board holder with a pivoting stand for the hot air pencil. Circuit boards up to 310 x 320 mm can be accommodated. The circuit board holder ensures that the hotair pencil is vertical to the printed circuit board under repair and the pivoting stand allows the hot-air pencil to be raised and lowered precisely onto the component being reworked.

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T0053316599N Weller WBHS PCB Board Holder With Stand
T0053316599N Weller WBHS PCB Board Holder With Stand
Price: $2,572.80
T0053316599N Weller WBHS PCB Board Holder With Stand
Weller WBHS PCB Board Holder With Stand. Maximum Size: 12.2in x 16.6in Dimensions: 12.6 x 17.6 x 17.3in