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Apex bits, Zephyr Bits, Quality Imported Bits
Bits, Bits & More Bits From Apex, Zephyr, ATI And More!
MRO Tools has hundreds of high quality screwdriver bits from industry leaders like Apex and Zephyr at the lowest prices on the internet! Check out some of our most popular screwdriver bits below.
Apex Bits
Zephyr Bits
Bits Mad In The USA

Apex Screwdriver Bit 446-2ACR2X 

Apex Screwdriver Bit 212-10 

Apex Screwdriver Bit 446-2X 

Apex Screwdriver Bit 170-8 

Apex Screwdriver Bit 491X

MRO Tools offers dozens of quality Hi-Lok installation tooling products.
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Roller Ratchets
Hi-Lok Roller Ratchets »
Box Ratchets
Durable, long-lasting aircraft tools »
Hand Ratchets
Manufactured from quality materials »
Hi-Lok Sockets
Anti-FOD sockets »
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Check back often as we add quality tooling products at dramatic closeout prices!
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ATI Bits

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HSS Reamers
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MRO Tools Product Catagories 
  Blind Bolt Mandrels    Close Out High Quality Tools Collar Removal Tools
Apex Tooling Products
Apex provides the broadest selection of fastener tools in the world, including bits, sockets, universal wrenches, extensions, adapters.
Blind Bolt Mandrels
Hi-Shear Blind Bolt and Hi-Shear Blind Nut assembly tooling products consist of a Power Unit and Driving Tool (Gun).
Cleco Fasteners
Cleco Fasteners or skin pins, as they are sometimes called, play an important role in automotive, racing and aircraft sheet metal repair.
Quality Close Outs
These high quality tooling products have a limited quantity, and are close-out items. We price them to sell fast, get them while they last.
Collar Removal Tools
Aircraft tools used for the removal of threaded collars come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet a wide range of needs in aviation.
Countersink Cutters  Drills And Cutting Tools  Hi-Lok Installation Tools  Screwdriver Bits, Holders Nut Plate Jigs
Countersink Cutters
Piloted Aircraft Stop Countersink Cutters are used to make precision countersinks to accept flush-head fasteners.
Drills from MRO Tools include: Jobber Drills, Aircraft Extension Drills, Threaded Shank Drills or Adapter Drills.
Hi-Lok Installation Tools
Hi-Lok installation tools are for unique aircraft fasteners that require specialized tooling for proper installation.
Hi-Torque Drivers
Starting with the highest grade steel, each piece is tempered for demanding aerospace applications.
 Nut Plate Jigs
Nut Plate Jigs are manufactured to precise tolerances and include drill bushings to reduce wear.
Universal Sockets, Adapters  Zephyr Tools       
Universal Adapters, Sockets
These unique sockets and adapters were developed for aerospace applications where torque control is necessary.
Zephyr Tools
MRO Tools has a full line of Zephyr bits, holders, square drive sockets and more for sale online.