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Mountz Bits, Sockets and Adapters

High-quality bits, sockets, and adapters keep your tools working longer and more effectively. Mountz bits are designed for wear-resistance and elasticity so you know they will last a long time. Precision-engineered for accuracy, Mountz sockets and adapters fit your tools perfectly, ensuring they reliably deliver the right amount of torque. Built to endure, Mountz sockets and adapters stand up to the strain of years in the toolbox. For longevity, dependability, and value, you can trust Mountz.

Mountz Bits
Mountz Bits are precision-engineered to deliver consistent torque and reliability. Crafted from high-quality materials, these bits provide exceptional performance and durability.
Mountz Sockets
Mountz Sockets are engineered for exceptional performance and longevity. With precision-crafted designs, they ensure secure fastener engagement and reduced slippage. These sockets are the reliable choice for professionals in various industries.
Mountz Adapters
Mountz Adapters are essential tools for ensuring compatibility between different drive sizes. These adapters are meticulously crafted for durability and precision, enabling seamless transitions between drives and sockets.
Mountz Nutsetters
Mountz Nutsetters are reliable and efficient tools designed for fastening nuts and bolts with ease and precision. Crafted with high-quality materials, these nutsetters provide excellent grip, reducing the risk of slipping and damage.
Mountz Bit Holders
Mountz Bit Holders are indispensable accessories for your power tools. Designed to securely hold bits, these holders provide a reliable connection, reducing the risk of dropped or lost bits during tasks.