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Lufkin Tape Measures, Measuring Tools

Ever since the first Lufkin wood rule was produced in 1869, the Lufkin brand has been synonymous with high quality and unmatched accuracy. Today, Lufkin wood rules, power tapes, engineering and surveying tapes, specialty tapes and measuring wheels comprise one of the widest selections of measuring products available from any manufacturer.

Lufkin Tape Measures
Lufkin Tape Measures are a trusted choice among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Each model boasts a unique combination of characteristics like dual-sided printing for vertical measurements and blade locking mechanisms for added safety.
Lufkin Chalk & Reel
Lufkin Chalk & Reel sets are indispensable tools for professionals who require sharp, clear lines over long distances. Designed to deliver superior line chalk-up and high visibility, which is crucial for accurate marking on a variety of surfaces.
Lufkin Squares & Rules
Lufkin Squares & Rules are essential tools for precision and accuracy in a variety of measuring tasks. Crafted with the professional in mind, these tools offer exceptional durability and exactness for carpentry, engineering, and construction projects.
Lufkin Levels
Lufkin Levels are designed for precision and reliability, essential for achieving accurate alignment in a wide array of professional and DIY projects. Lufkin Levels are equipped with highly visible vials, easy to read under various lighting conditions.
Lufkin Measuring Wheels
Lufkin Measuring Wheels are designed for efficiency and accuracy, creating a practical solution for measuring long distances quickly and precisely. Ideal for professionals in landscaping, road construction, surveying, or any measurement-requiring project.
Lufkin Accessories & Replacement Parts
Lufkin Accessories & Replacement Parts enhance the functionality and extend the lifespan of your Lufkin measuring tools. This category includes a variety of essential items such as replacement blades, end hooks, and reels.
Additional Lufkin Products
Additional Lufkin Products