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Lang Automotive Specialty Tools

Lang Tools offers a wide selection of automotive specialty tools for a variety of automotive maintenance and repair job types. Lang Tools automotive specialty tools can be purchased by individual pieces or by sets, or kits for easy tool selection.

Lang Automotive Axle Nut Sockets
Lang Tools offers a wide selection of automotive axle nut sockets. Lang Tools automotive axle nut sockets are designed for use with a torque wrench when servicing truck wheel bearing lock nuts. Lang Tools offers a full range of six and eight point sizes.
Lang Automotive Air Chucks
Lang Tools offers a small selection of automotive air chucks which are combined with Lang's E-Z Grip handles to provide a comfort grip when using the air chuck. Lang automotive air chucks a extremely durable, and withstand tough shop abuse.
Lang Automotive Battery Tools and Computer Memory Savers
Lang Tools offers a variety of automotive battery tools from battery carriers, battery terminal tools, to computer memory savers. These computer memory savers are designed to maintain the memory of the on-board vehicle computer.
Lang Brake and Wheel Tools
Lang Tools offers a selection of tools designed to service both automotive brakes and wheels. Automotive brake drum and roller pullers save time and reduce damage to the wheel bearing. Wheel stud installer kits will install wheel studs on most vehicles.
Lang Automotive Pulley and Spark Plug Tools
Lang Tools offers a selection of automotive pulleys and spark plug tools. Lang's automotive pulleys are designed to remove and install press-on type belt-driven accessory pulleys found on most major domestic vehicle platforms and power steering pumps.
Lang Automotive Service Tools
Lang Tools offers valve spring compressors, piston ring compressors, piston ring groove cleaners, oxygen sensor/vac switch sockets, fuel filter cap tools and universal filter wrenches.
Lang Automotive Wrenches
Lang Tools offers a wide variety of automotive wrenches. Lang Tools offers serrated bit wrenches which are used to install and remove 12-point (triple-square) metric socket-head screws. These serrated bit wrenches can be turned with a socket or a wrench.
Lang Gasket Scrapers
Lang Gasket Scrapers. Forged from high carbon steel, bit extends handle length to strike cap, blade face and scrape ends are precision ground, ergonomically designed for comfort secure grip and durability.
Lang Pry Bars
Lang Pry Bars. Bar runs through handle to striking cap, handles are ergonomically designed for comfort and durability, feature curved tips for easy access, and feature a black oxide finish for corrosion resistance.