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Fuji Percussive Tools

Fuji Percussive Tools Features:

VALVE MECHANISMS: Fuji Percussion Tools are equipped with the following valve mechanisms:

    Plate valve consists of four parts of valve sheet, valve cover, valve case and valve. This simple mechanism and plate valve surface provide longer durability. FR Series
    Hollow valve enables a light and compact body and longer stroke for its size.
    High blow frequency (60Hz to 90Hz) can be maintained as this piston functions as a valve providing high working efficiency.

LOW AIR CONSUMPTION: Low air consumption 0.14-0.18 m3/min (due to the valve mechanism) enables Fuji Percussion Tools to be used with a smaller compressor.

QUICK CHANGE ATTACHMENTS FOR PERCUSSIVE TOOLS: Attachment, such as chisels and needles, can be quickly and easily changed.

LOCKING HANDLE: The locking handle are designed to reduce the risk of accidental starting of the tools. The handle is automatically locked when the operator releases the handle.

LOW BLOW FREQUENCY: The built-in Sleeve Valve allows the operator to adjust the blow frequency by adjusting the throttle valve.

Fuji Flux Chippers
Fuji flux chippers are ideal for various removal operations; light chipping, carving stone, scaling, removing paint, rust, weld flux and light fins from castings.
Fuji Light Hammers
Fuji light hammers provide a controllable impact for riveting to reduce the effect of work hardening of the rivet or damage to the surrounding metal.
Fuji Chipping & Calking Hammers
Fuji chipping and calking hammers are durable. Fuji chipping and calking hammers are excellent for concrete, stone, weld flux removal.
Fuji Needle Scalers
Fuji needle scalers are useful for removing weld flux, sand from castings, rust, paint, scales from ship hulls, finishing rough surfaces of rock or concrete.
Fuji Scaling Hammers
Fuji scaling hammers have proven to be very efficient in cleaning heavily oxidized surfaces which occur on ships' hulls, bridges and storage tanks.
Fuji Sand Rammers
Fuji sand rammers are powerful but light air tools. Fuji sand rammers are excellent for ramming sand for casting in any ferrous or non-ferrous foundry.