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Cleco Pneumatic TVP-100 Series Torque Verifiers

Cleco Pneumatic TVP-100 Series Torque Verifiers verify fastener installation with OK/NOK audio and visual indicators. Cleco Pneumatic TVP-100 Series Torque Verifiers feature on screen verification of individual fastener assembly status with batch count, the VGA screen displays a graph for each rundown, and stores 1,000 rundowns. Cleco Pneumatic TVP-100 Series Torque Verifiers also feature sequencing capabilities, multiple languages, password protection, the "Auto Cal" permits fast and easy tool set up for any joint type, and 8 parameter sets are available for multiple applications.

The Cleco TVP-100 Series Torque Verifier provides low-cost assembly assurance for pneumatic screwdrivers, nutrunners and pulse tools. The Cleco TVP-100 verifier improves your assembly process by eliminating operator error caused by early trigger release, fastener cross-threading or re-hits.The Cleco TVP-100 is designed for use with pneumatic clutch screwdrivers/nutrunners and Cleco shut-off pulse tools equipped with torque signal kits.

The Cleco TVP-100 provides visual and audio feedback for both individual fastener and batch parameters, assuring that every fastener has been rundown to the capability of the tool. Based on existing Cleco TME controller technology, the Cleco TVP-100 navigational screen allows for simple set-up and operation. The Cleco TVP-100 works by reading the signature of a ported pneumatic assembly tool through its fastening cycle. Any deviation from the normal signature caused by re-hits, cross threads, early trigger release or a number of variables will elicit a NOK visual and audio signal from the verifier, notifying the operator of an error. Whereas a Cleco DC controller controls the tool and the fastening process, the TVP-100 is a cost-effective way of verifying torque by following the torque signature of a tool.