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Cleco Pneumatic Angle Nutrunners

Cleco Pneumatic Angle Nutrunners are smaller, lighter and more powerful, making them ideal for any application in which speed and safety are critical. Designed for superior repeatability and long service life, Cleco Pneumatic Angle Nutrunners are driven by an innovative motor that delivers one of the best power-to-weight ratios in its class.

Cleco offers over 500 nutrunners, most of which can be equipped with a wide variety of drive options. This generates over 3,000 different nutrunner combinations, allowing the exact tool with precise features to be chosen for specific job applications.

The following items should be considered before selecting the tool: ergonomic factors associated with the man/tool/task relationship, torque and speed requirements, tool and fastener accessibility, fastener joint variations, operator skill level and air supply.

Tool performance can be affected by air supply. Plant air line pressure to the tool will vary widely due to several factors: distance of tool from compressor; size of transmission lines, air drops, manifolds, hose length and diameter, and fittings. All power tool specifications are based on the tool receiving air at 90 p.s.i.g. (6.2 bar) with adequate air flow volume while the tool is in operation.

Cleco Pneumatic Clecomatic Clutch Angle Nutrunners
Cleco Pneumatic Clecomatic Clutch Angle Nutrunners are designed to allow operators to accurately control torque without sacrificing speed. Simply enter the desired torque level and the units clutch will shut off automatically once it is reached.
Cleco Pneumatic Stall Angle Nutrunners
Cleco Pneumatic Stall Angle Nutrunners are available with stall-type torque control, giving operators control over power output and speed. In this configuration, Cleco Pneumatic Stall Angle Nutrunners run until resistance in fastener causes it to stall.