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Cleco/Dotco Specialty Tools

For over 60 years, Dotco has been producing tools that are precise, durable, and easy-to-service, satisfying all the demands of the worlds toughest industries. We offer a full range of routers, saws, percussion, and specialty tools for all your production and maintenance needs.

Attack those hard-to-reach spots with our full line of percussion tools. Our tools are designed to pack a harder punch, outlast the competition, and reduce vibration for the operator. Whether your application is maintenance or production, look no further than our family of trusted percussion tools.

Dotco Routers
Dotco routers give their operators a durable, satisfying experience for every routing need. These tools are designed with precision in mind our full range of routers offers a variety of sizes, speeds and accessories to perfectly match your work.
Dotco Saws
Dotco saws offer durability, precision and ease of use, all emerging from 60 years of manufacturing quality tools made from only the best materials. These tools are simple to maintain, and they deliver unbeatable operator experience and comfort.
Cleco/Dotco Percussion Tools
Cleco percussion tools offer durable options for a wide variety of industries. These percussion tools are made from the finest materials available, and they are manufactured to last. Choose between piston, chisel and needle type percussion tools.
Cleco/Dotco Specialty Tools
Dotco specialty tools assist operators in the worlds toughest industries, offering durability, precision and satisfaction. These tools are constantly evaluated for possible improvements, and each is made with only the best materials available.