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Cleco/Dotco Tools

Known for their durability, dependability, and versatility, the Dotco and Cleco brand is viewed as the premier line of material removal and assembly tools in the industrial marketplace. This is made possible by sound design and manufacturing techniques, producing tools that are small, comfortable and lightweight, yet can withstand the most rugged environments.

Dotco and Cleco tools are designed so their form follows their function. Simply, tools that are more comfortable for the operator to use, tools that work with operators and not against them, including composite housings, low vibration, and low noise.

By using only a few motor types, a diverse line of Dotco and Cleco products have been developed to handle a wide range of applications. These tools also have a high interchangeability of parts making maintenance easier and more affordable.

Cleco CellClutch Cordless Assembly Tools
Cleco CellClutch Cordless Assembly Tools
Cleco CellCore Cordless Assembly Tools
Cleco CellCore Cordless Electric Assembly Tools are smart, durable and designed to withstand the toughest environments.
Cleco CellTek Cordless Assembly Tools
Cleco CellTek Cordless Assembly Tools
Cleco LiveWire Assembly Tools
Cleco LiveWire Assembly Tools
Cleco NeoTek Corded Electric Assembly Tools
Cleco NeoTek Corded Electric Assembly Tools
Cleco Pulse Tools
Cleco Pulse Tools
Cleco Corded Electric Nutrunners
Cleco Corded Electric Nutrunners
Cleco/Dotco Grinders
When it comes to fine finishing applications such as die grinding or de-burring, no tools are better suited for the job than Cleco/Dotco Grinders. Cleco/Dotco Grinders' reputation for durability, dependability and versatility is among the highest .
Cleco/Dotco Sanders
Dotco Sanders, Buffers, and Polishers are available in a variety of styles and power ratings to provide flexibility in choosing the best tool for the job. Disc sanding and polishing, wire brushes, buffing wheels, abrasive sheets, woven or non-woven belts.
Cleco/Dotco Pneumatic Drills
Cleco/Dotco Pistol Grip and Right Angle Pneumatic Drills are excellent for aerospace, metal fabrication, and wood working application. Cleco/Dotco Pistol Grip and Right Angle Pneumatic Drills are used daily in applications ranging including aerospace.
Cleco/Dotco Specialty Tools
We offer a full range of routers, saws, percussion, and specialty tools for all your production and maintenance needs. For over 60 years, Dotco has been producing tools that are precise, durable, and easy-to-service, satisfying all of your demands.
Cleco Pneumatic Screwdrivers
Cleco Pneumatic Screwdrivers are engineered to suit a wide range of applications, from fast-paced assembly to aerospace and each unit is tested and certified by a technician prior to shipment.
Cleco Pneumatic Nutrunners
Cleco Pneumatic Nutrunners are smaller, lighter and more powerful, making them ideal for any application in which speed and safety are critical. Cleco Pneumatic Nutrunners are designed for superior repeatability and long service life.
Cleco Pneumatic Impact Wrenches
Cleco Impact Wrenches are built to deliver outstanding performance in any job. Our products feature an industry-leading combination of performance, ergonomics and durability everything you need to boost production and keep your team working efficiently
Cleco Pneumatic General Accessories
Cleco balance arms are engineered to deliver longer service life using durable components, rugged design and operator-sensitive features. Cleco Pneumatic TVP-100 Series Torque Verifiers verify fastener installation with OK/NOK audio and visual indicators.
Cleco Industrial Torque Wrenches
Cleco Industrial Torque Wrenches
Dotco Air Tool Parts
Dotco Air Tool Parts.
Additional Cleco / Dotco Air Tools
Cleco / Dotco Air Tools are designed with the operator in mind. They are small, lightweight and comfortable to use, and don't sacrifice durability.