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Chicago Pneumatic Specialty Tools

Chicago Pneumatic Specialty Tools are a wide range of tools from riveters to shears giving a tool for every need. All of these specialty tools are constructed of the most premium components making them the highest durability and power the market has to offer.

Chicago Pneumatic Riveting & Caulking Tools
Chicago Pneumatic Riveting & Caulking Tools are lightweight and strong making each tool easy to handle and labor time saving. These tools are ideal for versatile and easy applications.
Chicago Pneumatic Engraving Tools
Chicago Pneumatic Engraving Tools are designed to be efficient and quiet at the same time. These tools are highly powered with easy to handle and comfortable use operations. Engraving tools are reliable and precise.
Chicago Pneumatic Cutting Tools
Chicago Pneumatic Cutting Tools are intense, high/low speed, powerful and lightweight. All cutting tools are highly durable and are excellent for cutting through composite, metal, etc. These tools can be used in tight spaces.
Chicago Pneumatic Nibbling, Shearing and Filing Tools
Chicago Pneumatic Nibbling, Shearing and Filing Tools are powerful and reliable tools for cutting, nibbling or deburring/sharpening metal. These tools have an ergonomic design and a smooth operation.
Chicago Pneumatic Balancers
Chicago Pneumatic Balancers are ideally suited for heavy tools and/or repetitive tasks. These balancers hold the selected operator height necessary. All of these tools help keep the working area free.