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Tooling Excellence for Tomorrow's Technology!

Omega Technologies manufactures a proprietary line of tools and distributes the world's top tooling brands.

Omega Technologies is continuously working to increase the variety of tools we make available to our customers, while researching and developing ways to improve their strength, durability, and functionality. Our 'Omega' brand products include a complete line of fastener installation and removal tools, drills, countersinks, clamps, reamers, grinders, side grips and more.

Omega Technologies also proudly distributes Apex Fastener Tooling and Universal Joints, Sturtevant Richmont Torque Tools, Wera Screwdriving and Torque Tools, Master Power Tools, Wiss Aviation Snips, Utica Torque Tools and Zephyr Fastener Tools.

32 Years in Business

Founded in 1983, Omega Technologies has become one of the world’s leading sources and distributors of aircraft and industrial use tooling products.

Being Of Service

Quality service at Omega Technologies begins with our knowledgeable staff and the conscientious and responsive job we do to assist our customers.

The Story of Omega Technologies

How Omega Technologies became a worldwide leader in the sale and distribution of quality aviation and industrial tooling products.

1983 - The Beginning

Founded in 1983 by John Schoolland, Omega Technologies, Inc. has become one of the world’s leading sources and distributors of aircraft and industrial use tooling products.

1993 - Aerospace Tooling Acquisition

Omega Technologies acquires the aerospace tooling division of Continental Air Tool.

1995 - Lok-Fast Acquisition

Omega Technologies acquires Lok-Fast and introduces a line of torque control and pneumatic tools.

1997 - Website Launch

Omega Technologies becomes one of the first aviation tooling companies to offer products for sale online.

1998 - Exporter of the Year

Omega Technologies is named 'Exporter of the Year' by the Small Business Administration.

2001 - Company Refocus

With the sale of Lok-Fast to Zephyr Tool, Omega Technologies returns to its' core focus of supplier/distributor of aerospace tooling products.

2005 - Internet Expansion

Through its websites, Omega Technologies begins a robust period of growth and expands into general industrial tooling products.

2012 - Global Digital Partnerships

Omega Technologies joins together with distributors around the globe to showcase its' products worldwide.

Omega Technologies' Distributed Product Lines

Omega Technologies is proud to represent world class brands Apex Tool Group, Sturtevant Richmont, Wera, Master Power, Utica and Zephyr.