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Apex Impact Sockets
Apex Hand Drivers
Apex Nutsetters
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Apex Extensions
Apex Universal Wrenches
Apex Special Sockets
Apex u-Guard

Apex Universal Joints

Blind Bolt Tooling
Blind Bolt Mandrels
Hand Installation Tools
Hydraulic Power Guns

Cleco Fasteners
Plier Operated Cleco Fasteners
Wing Nut Cleco Fasteners
Cylindrical Body Cleco Fasteners
Hex-Nut Cleco Fasteners
Cleco Side-Grip Clamps
Cleco Super Side Grip Clamps
Cleco Pliers
Cleco Fastener Sets

Collar Removal Tools
6-Wing Collar Removal
90 Degree Offset Style
Hi-Lok Collar Removal Tools
Crowfoot Series
Northrop Six-Wing Tool
OM86 Hollow Cutters
OMSK3581 Sockets
Wrench Style

Countersink Cutters, Drill Accessories
Chip Chasers
Countersink Cutters
Chucking Spud, Drill Adapters Countersink Extensions
Drill Collets
Drill Stops
Drill Stands, Bushings and Kits
Microstop Countersink Cages
Rivet Shaver Cutters

Drills And Cutting Tools
Aircraft Extension Drills
Counterbores - Pilots
Jobber Drills
Paint Cutters
Threaded Shank Drills
Taper-Lok Cutters

GearWrench Tools
GearWrench Master Sets
GearWrench Impact Sockets, Extensions, Adapters, Universal Joints, Sets
GearWrench Wrenches

Hi-Lok Installation Tools
Ratcheting Box Wrenches
Grip Scales
Hand Ratchets
Hex Keys
Protrusion Gauges
Roller Ratchets
Installation Sockets
Tight-Squeeze Tool

Hi-Torque Bits, Drivers, Replacement Wheels

Jacobs Chuck
Jacobs Keyed Industrial Chucks
Jacobs Keyless Industrial Chucks
Jacobs Rubber-Flex Collet Chucks
Jacobs Arbors
Jacobs Extension Sockets, Morse Taper
Jacobs Ejecting Drifts
Jacobs Portable Tool Chucks
Jacobs Keys, Special Purpose Chucks

Lang Tools
Mechanic Mats and Kneeling Pads
Thread Restorers
Automotive Specialty Tools
Motorcycle Specialty Tools
Heavy Duty Truck Tools
Digital Thermometers, Multimeters & Test Leads
Diesel Tools
Gas, Petrol Tools

Lufkin Tape Measures, Measuring Tools
Lufkin Power Return Tape Measures
Lufkin Pocket Tape Measures
Lufkin Long Blade Tape Measures
Lufkin Fiberglass Tape Measures
Lufkin Hi Line Synthetic Tape Measures
Lufkin Oil Gauging Tape Measures
Lufkin Surveying Tape Measures

Master Power Tools
Master Power Finishing Tools
Master Power Pistol Grip Drills
Master Power Fastening Tools
Master Power Grinding Tools
Master Power Cutting & Percussion Tools
Master Power Air Hoses

Nut Plate Jigs
Corner Wing Miniature
Corner Wing Standard
Side Lug Miniature
Single Wing Miniature
Single Wing Standard
Two-Lug Double Wing Miniature
Two-Lug Double Wing Standard

Quality Generic Bits, Bit Holders, Extensions, Hand Drivers
Hi-Torque Bits
MorTorq Bits
Phillips Screwdriver Insert Bits
Phillips Screwdriver Power Drive Bits
Torq-Set Screwdriver Insert Bits
Torq-Set Screwdriver Power Drive Bits
Torx Screwdriver Power Drive Bits
Tri-Wing Screwdriver Insert Bits
Tri-Wing Screwdriver Power Drive Bits
Bit Holders, Extensions
Torq-Set Hand Drivers
ATI Screwdriver Bits

Screwdriver Bit Sets

Square Drive Swivel Sockets, Universal Adaptors
1/4'' Swivel Sockets
3/8'' Swivel Sockets
1/2'' Swivel Sockets
Universal Adaptors

Sturtevant Richmont Torque Tools
Sturtevant Richmont Torque Wrench Adapters
Sturtevant Richmont Digital Torque Testers
Sturtevant Richmont Interchangeable Heads
Sturtevant Richmont Torque Screwdrivers, Kits
Sturtevant Richmont Torque Wrenches

Utica Torque Tools
Utica Torque Limiting Screwdrivers
Utica Torque Wrenches

Wera Tools
Wera Top Sellers
Wera Stainless Steel Tools
Wera Screwdrivers, Sets
Wera Ratchets, Sets
Wera L-Keys, Sets
Wera Kraftform Kompakt, VDE Tools
Wera Bits
Wera Bit Sets
Wera Bit Holders, Adaptors
Wera Torque Tools

Wiss Tools
Wiss Aviation Snips
Wiss Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning Tools
Wiss Ratcheting Pipe Cutters
Wiss Scissors, Shears
Wiss Snips, Trimmers
Wiss Utility Knives
Wiss Vinyl Siding Tools

Zephyr Fastener Tools
Zephyr Insert, Power Bits
Zephyr Insert Bit Holders
Zephyr Nutsetters
Zephyr Socket Extensions
Zephyr Hand Driver Bit Holders

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tens of thousands of customers in over 150 countries and growing!

  • Apex Fastener Tools Apex Fastener ToolsApex Tool Group

    Apex offers the highest quality fastener tools in the world. The Apex line includes thousands of bits, sockets, bit holders, drivers, universal wrenches, extensions and adapters.

  • Apex Universal Joints Apex Universal JointsMilitary Standard

    Apex universal joints are designed to strict specifications to assure unsurpassed strength-to-weight ratios, torsional and axial overload capacity and low torsional deflection.

  • Blind Bolt Mandrels Blind Bolt MandrelsHi-Shear® Blind Bolt and Blind Nut

    Blind bolt and blind nut assembly tooling consists of a power unit and driving tool. Commonly referred to as blind bolt mandrels, the mandrels are the most frequently replaced items.

  • Cleco Fasteners Cleco FastenersPins, Clamps, Pliers

    Cleco fasteners or skin pins as they are sometimes called, and Cleco fastener tools have played an important role in automotive, racing and aircraft sheet metal repair for decades.

  • Close-Outs Tool Bin Close-Outs Tool BinLimited Quantities

    These tools from MRO tools are of limited quantity, close-out items. Priced to sell, get them while they last. The close-outs tool bin is updated frequently, so check back often!

  • Collar Removal Tools Collar Removal ToolsWide Variety

    Tools used for the removal of threaded collars come in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet a wide range of needs. Our staff is eager to answer questions and make recommendations.

  • Countersink Cutters Countersink CuttersDrill Accessories

    Piloted Aircraft Stop Countersink Cutters (often called micro-stop cutters, or microstop countersinks) are used to make precision countersinks to accept flush-head fasteners.

  • Drilling Tools Drilling ToolsCutting Tools

    Browse thousands of drills and speciality cutting tools, including: Taper Loks, (Taper Locks) Jobber Drills, Aircraft Extension Drills, Threaded Shank Drills or Adapter Drills.

  • Hi-Lok Installation Hi-Lok Installation
    & Removal Tools

    Unique aircraft fasteners require specialized tooling for proper installation. Hi-Lok® installation tools include box ratchets, hand ratchets, grip scales, hex keys, protrusion gauges, Roller Ratchets and installation sockets. MRO Tools features the Omega Technologies brand for all Hi-Lok® installation tools. Omega has a large selection of tools used for broached pin installation, including Hi-Lok®, Hi-Lite®, Hi-Tigue®, and torque controlled fasteners.

  • Hi-Torque Drivers Hi-Torque DriversBits, Drivers, Wheels

    Hi-Torque® Bits, Drivers and Driver Replacement Wheels. In the aerospace industry, aircraft with thin skins and other applications requiring high clamping loads, reduced head heights, and where access is restricted are well suited for the Hi-Torque® Recess. The unique undercut feature of the Hi-Torque® recess, allows the special Hi-Torque® driver to lock into the recess without having to apply end load on the driver to keep it engaged in the Hi-Torque® recess.

  • Nut Plate Jigs Nut Plate JigsPrecise Tolerances

    Designed to facilitate accurate rivet hole drilling for standard plate nuts, manufactured to precise tolerances, include drill bushings to reduce wear and assure consistent hole-spacing. Redesigned pins and pilots make the tool much easier to use.
    Each tool features an ergonomically designed handle with a flexible stainless steel spring blade, allowing for clearance while the jig is in use. Its convenient size allows it to fit most tool-box cut-outs.

  • Roller Ratchets Roller Ratchets®The Original!

    Hi-Lok® Roller Ratchets were developed in response to the need in the Aviation Industry for very small Ratchet Wrenches that could be used in extremely tight spaces on aircraft where handle 'swing' was limited by obstructions, and the need to have a Ratchet that would engage with very little handle movement. The Roller Ratchet satisfies both of these requirements, and this modular tool is now widely used in the Aerospace community worldwide.

  • Swivel Sockets Swivel Sockets
    Universal Adaptors
    Universal Adaptors

    Omega Technologies has developed a line of Universal Adapters and Swivel Sockets that have a maximum tilt of 15°. Swivel Sockets are available for 1/4'', 3/8'', and 1/2'' Square Drives and are color-coded gold and black for easy identification. Machined from premium shock-resistant 4340 steel and heat-treated for toughness, these sockets offer top performance and long life. For extremely tight places, a low-profile (LP) version of the 1/4'' Swivel Sockets is also available.

  • Sturtevant Richmont Sturtevant RichmontTorque Wrenches, Screwdrivers

    The Sturtevant Richmont line features wireless torque systems, manual torque tools, torque testers and calibration equipment. From the simplest torque wrenches, manual torque screwdrivers, click wrenches, beam wrenches, dial wrenches to wireless torque systems that use tools and electrical or electronic components that communicate with the operator and assembly line controls, the Sturtevant Richmont brand is known worldwide for accuracy, reliability and durability.

  • Utica Torque Wrenches Utica Torque WrenchesScrewdrivers, Kits, Accessories

    Utica torque tools offer solutions for your torque applications. Utica torque tools add value to the assembly process by enabling you to assess, control and improve product reliability, which leads to customer satisfaction. From cellular phone assembly involving fine threaded screws or an automotive assembly operation fastening bolts, Utica manufacturing processes are ISO 9001 certified, which means that the Utica brand is manufactured to the highest standards.

  • Zephyr Fastener Tools Zephyr Fastener ToolsZephyr Tool

    MRO Tools offers the full line of Zephyr fastener and screwdriver tooling, including hundreds of power drive and insert bits, bit holders, nutsetters, extensions and hand drivers. Since 1938 Zephyr Tool has served the aerospace and automotive industries with high quality, technically innovative tools produced in a manufacturing environment featuring intense quality control and superior customer service. All Zephyr bits are heat treated in small lots for consistent quality.

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